A Very Merry Eggstravaganza!!

(Coming soon)  


A pair of plush penguins must try and save their baby while being chased by a vicious dog that rips apart anything that squeaks.

Nominations and Awards: Z-fest 2020

This film won 2nd place in Z-fest 2020.

This film was nominated and won: Best Picture, Best Visual Effects,  Best Villain, Best Sound Effects, Best WTF

This film was nominated for: Best Credits,  Best Directing, Best Kiss, Best Hero, Best Cinematography, Best Production Design...

The Oregon Road 


The trail is difficult, and deadly. Not many people make it to Oregon. Here are the stories of the rare few survivors that make it to the end.

Nominations and Awards: Z-fest 2019

This film won 10th place in Z-fest 2019.

The Oregon Road - VFX Breakdown Reel

The Oregon Road  - Promo/Behind the scenes.

A Time To Remember  


Harry tries to give his girlfriend a surprise trip of a lifetime.  Things don't go according to Harry's plans.

This super heavy CGI film, was created to show our skills in VFX.  This film was created in 4 months with a small production team.  

Nominations and Awards: Z-fest 2018

This film won 2nd place in Z-fest 2018.

This film was nominated and won: Best Visual Effects,  Best Hero, Best Sound Effects, Best Editing, Best Kiss.

This film was nominated fo...

A woman, EVA, is hunted by demons and must face them in order to protect and save Megan.

A cop - Trent Morris - comes home to find his wife has been taken from him. Unknowing if she is alive or dead, he searches his city using his only clue - Zen. A drug that takes over your mind, and is so addictive it will make you think of nothing else until you get your next fix. Trent finally gets a break, when he finds Danielle who leads him to Iggy and Felix. They know what happened to his wife.

A demented widower kills mercilessly with the hopes of resurrecting his wife.

A couple on their way to their honey moon swerve and miss a chicken.

A Star Wars Wedding to be remembered.

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