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A Time To Remember  

**Coming Soon!** 


Harry tries to give his girlfriend a surprise trip of a lifetime.  Things don't go according to Harry's plans.

This super heavy CGI film, was created to show our skills in VFX.  This film was created in 4 months with a small production team.  

Nominations and Awards: Z-fest 2018

This film won 2nd place in Z-fest 2018.

This film was nominated and won: Best Visual Effects,  Best Hero, Best Sound Effects, Best Editing, Best Kiss.

This film...

A woman, EVA, is hunted by demons and must face them in order to protect and save Megan.

A cop - Trent Morris - comes home to find his wife has been taken from him. Unknowing if she is alive or dead, he searches his city using his only clue - Zen. A drug that takes over your mind, and is so addictive it will make you think of nothing else until you get your next fix. Trent finally gets a break, when he finds Danielle who leads him to Iggy and Felix. They know what happened to his wife.

A demented widower kills mercilessly with the hopes of resurrecting his wife.

A couple on their way to their honey moon swerve and miss a chicken.

A Star Wars Wedding to be remembered.

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