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Dynamic Script Palette


Unfortunately, I am not sure who made the the original Script Palette, but it required you to type in the scripts you wanted to load. This one will scan your folders so it will load your scripts in a nice clean manor. Features - You can organize your scripts by adding a number prefix to their names. You can keep scripts that require multiple sources in an organized folder, and you can have different palettes by putting them in sub-folders.




How to use:

First Use: Upon first opening the script you will have to pick a folder for the script to scan. This folder is were you will have all of your after effects scripts that you want loaded.

Then the script palette is loaded. Pretty simple.

Search Depth: If you only wanted it to search one folder deep or X folders deep, instead of all folders you can set it here.

Organization: If you have a script you want at the top, you can add a 3 number prefix at the beginning to move it to the top. The script palette will remove this from the name and keep the script folder looking nice.

Tabs - To create tabs that help organize your scripts you just create subfolders that hosts more than one script. The name of the tab, comes from the folder name. This will aide in organization.

SubFolders: This showing that multiple scripts are inside of Awesome scripts, making it into a tab.

Organized scripts: Your wondering, I saw collectFiles in a folder, but yet not in a tab. If you have a script that relies on external components like this one. If the folder contains only one after effects script it wont put it to a tab, and keep it at the current location.


Hope you enjoy!

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