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Move Texture to Subfolder



This small script moves a file texture node's file location to a subfolder (keeping it linked up). This is useful if your source Images folder is getting unorganized. First you select your file nodes you want copied, and then you can move or copy your files.



How to use:

The Files shown here are all unorganized, and all in the sourceimages folder. Here is how you use the script to organize this folder.

Select your objects in Maya, open up hypershade, and graph your shader network.

Once your shader networks are graphed, you select your file texture nodes you want to move.

Type moveTextureToSubFolderWindow(); (or move this up into your shelf as a button)

A window will appear, and you type in your sub folder you want it in. You can also type in a / to move it to another directory below. Click move or copy to move or copy your files.

You will then notice your files copied, and re-linked to the subfolder!


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