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Autoset Project



I always hated having to repetitively set my projects, always having to jump between different types of projects. So I created this script to set my project to were my Maya file is located at. It has 3 layers of redundancy. First it looks for a workspace.mel to set the project, but if that doesn't work it looks for a default "scene" folder and sets the parent as the project root. If all else fails it sets the folder that the maya file is in to be the project.


(NOTE: The File Menu is for MAYA 2017 only. You may reference it to implement it into other maya versions)


How to use:

To use at anytime just type or add to shelf autoSetProject() ;

To use upon file open, I have a Maya 2017 File menu for you so you can have a menu item. Or you can create and set the CTRL+O hotkey to OpenScene ; source autoSetProject.mel; autoSetProject;

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